What Do You Think About These Nissan 400Z Pics?

Rumors and speculations about the next-generation Z car have been circulating around for year but we are still waiting to see a replacement of the current, quite outdated 370Z. Although many sources suggest this could happen already by the end of 2020, and that the new model is in the advanced stage of development, the fact is that the Japanese manufacturer is pretty quiet about the iconic sports car. Does this mean that the company is doing a fantastic work in keeping secrets, or it may be that things aren’t going in the way fans of this icon would like?

New Renders

Rendering photos of the new Z car have already been around for a while, but there is a whole new set of them, done by the amazing Canadian artist Leyang Bai. On his Instagram account, you can see a lot of impressive work and some of the pictures are his artwork on the subject we call next-generation Z Car.

From what we can see on these images is that Nissan is going to design the new model with a lot of retro influence. More precisely, these images look like designers are paying tribute to the iconic S30 models, which shaped the Z series decades ago. In practice, this would mean a recognizable silhouette, which comes muscled up with sharper lines and design solutions. Still, elements that resemble ones from the original clearly dominate, particularly if you take a look at the front end, which comes with so-called rounded sugar-scoop headlights. Inspiration also comes from other Z models. Just take a look at the taillights and you will notice that they look a lot like those that can be found of another legend from the 90s, 300ZX.

What Do We Know So Far about the Next-Generation Z Car?

Despite rumors about this model have been circulating around for years, we don’t know too many details about. Practically, the only info that seems more or less certain is the name. Allegedly, the new model will come as the 400Z. As we know that the name of each Z model clearly allued to the engine size, this would mean the new model would come with a 4.0-liter engine.

However, that doesn’t seem too like to most experts, who beleive the new model will finally switch to a turbocharged engine. Some sources suggest it could be a turbo V6 from Infiniti models. It delivers around 400 horsepower and that may ben the reason for the new name. However, keep in mind that the Nismo version is on the way too. So, if this version is about to feature, for example, 500 horses, would it be called 500Z? That’s the reason why this horsepower-aluding naming policy doesn’t make too much sense. So, the new model may not be called 400Z after all.

Other than the engine, we don’t know much about the new model, except it should feature a retro styling and slightly smaller dimensions, according to some rumors. More details should come in the near future.

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