We Looked At 2019 Sales, It doesn’t look Good

The official numbers of 2019 sales for Infiniti models are here and things don’t look great at all. In the year where the Japanese luxury division celebrated the 30th anniversary, we saw a significant drop in sales numbers. Compared to 2018, Infiniti sold around 20 percent vehicles less and one of the most interesting things is that each model has marked a drop. Here are the numbers.

As we expected, the compact, GLA based QX30 made worst sales numbers. Only 3,229 units were sold in the last year, 60% less than in 2018. Fortunately for Nissan, this model was planned to be discontinued years ago and this was a real swan song.

Infiniti QX30

Things aren’t much better with other models either. This particularly refers to sedans and coupes. For example, only 5,043 units of Q60 have found a way to new customers last year, which is almost 45% less than the previous year. The Q70 wasn’t much better, as it went down by 43 percent. In numbers, the large sedan came to just 2552 new customers. This model has also ended production and isn’t in the offer anymore.

The QX50 is the brand’s most popular model, but it also went down and the number isn’t small at all. We are talking about 26 percent, roughly. A similar situation is with the Q50 sedan, which was 25% less popular than in 2018.

When it comes to QX60, things are notably better, as it went down for “only” 9 percent. Finally, the only model that managed to keep the same level of popularity was QX80. It marked a small 0.5 percent decrease in sales.

Infiniti QX80

Things look even worse when you realize that the last two are actually the oldest models in the lineup. The Japanese will have a hard task even to stop this decrease, and it will take years to see some improvements, in our humble opinion. One of the models that could turn things is the new QX55. Still, we think the company will have to offer much more than just a single crossover to make sales better.

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