What Can We See From Nissan Rogue Spy Shots

It’s no secret that the uber-popular crossover is about to receive a complete overhaul in the next year. Despite amazing sales numbers, there is still a quite long list of drawbacks that come with this model, especially if we compare it with key competitors. After, sales may be great, but rivals like Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V are still in a lead, and we are talking about a quite large margin. The testing model of the new generation wears a complete camouflage. However, it is obvious that the new model is in the final stage of development and that its only a matter of time when the camo will be taken off. Until then, we can only speculate what’s under this cover. Therefore, let’s take a look at the Nissan Rogue spy shots.

2021 nissan rogue spied

Nissan Rogue Spy Shots – What Can We See?                           

As we already mentioned, this Nissan Rogue spy shots obvious show that the new model is pretty close to the end of development. While we are waiting to see a new styling, we can make some quick conclusions about the things that can be seen through the camo. Of course, it’s mostly about the styling, and the first thing that comes to mind is the front face.

The front end is where carmakers usually pay the most attention. Therefore, the new Rogue shouldn’t be an exception. From what can we see on these Nissan Rogue spy shots, though the camo, is that the new model will come with evolutionary changes. The current generation still looks fairly well, so there is no need for some radical changes. On the other side, we count on the latest iteration of the famous V-Motion grille. We can easily see that the new grille will be wider. Also, it is quite obvious that the new fascia sits a little bit lower compared to the outgoing model. However, we still can’t get a clear picture of the headlights and their design.

When it comes to the rest of the vehicle, we can clearly see that the new model will keep a familiar shape. Still, the profile looks a little bit sleeker, so we may expect a little bit sportier look from the new model.  Finally, these Nissan Rogue spy shots don’t show too much when it comes to the rear end, though it looks that the glass surface on the tailgate looks quite large.

2021 nissan rogue redesign

Nissan Rogue Spy Shots and Interior

It’s always hard to catch some details of the interior with these spy photos. Simply, photographers aren’t always in a good position to catch what’s happening on the inside. Still, this photographer seems very skilled, as it has managed to take a couple of Nissan Rogue spy shots that clearly show some in the interior novelties we are about to see in the new model. From what we can see on these photos, it looks like the new model will feature a flat-bottomed steering wheel, as well as an electronic shifter. When it comes to the dashboard, we can see a large touchscreen, though there is still a fair amount of physical buttons as well.

2021 nissan rogue spy photos

What about the powertrain?

This is where the new model definitely needs improvements. Of course, Nissan Rogue spy shots don’t show such things as engine, but if we can rely on rumors, there are some pretty nice things to come. First of all, the current engine should get a notable power boost. More importantly, we are finally about to see a hybrid version, something that key rivals have in the offer for years

Those would be some of the most important things we’ve spotted on these Nissan Rogue spy shots. Keep in mind that the testing model should take this camo off in the near future, so we should be able to see much more. The new model should hit the market in the second half of the year.

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