Nissan Has New Approach To Infotainment Technology

Nissan Ariya interior

The recently-presented Ariya concept has shown a lot of novelties. With such a big amount of new design solutions, some things went under the radar. One of the things that seem overlooked is the new approach to the design of the infotainment screen and center console. However, that could be one of the first things to see in the upcoming Nissan model.

So, what’s the catch with the new infotainment system? First of all, the company will stick to screens that are sensitive to touch. On the other side, it looks like we won’t be seeing those table-like units anymore. Such touchscreens look great, but not for all generations. Older drivers usually find it pretty bulky. So, it’s no wonder that the Japanese manufacturer has come with a new solution, which will bring benefits both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

From what we can see on the Ariya concept, the new approach includes a touchscreen that is in complete integration with the dashboard. Moreover, it looks like a part of the entity that includes both a touchscreen and an instrument cluster. According to Nissan designers, this is highly beneficial for drivers. Both screens are in the same horizontal line, which helps drivers to remain concentrated on driving.

Such design, which includes an integrated touchscreen and instrument cluster isn’t a new thing. We can see this in models from several manufacturers, including the latest Mercedes-Benz models. Such design already proved itself as an excellent solution, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. However, Nissan is about to make an additional move.

In most cars that feature such as dashboard design, the two screens are clearly separated and completely individual units. The new Nissan design also incles two touchscreens. Still, the thing with these manufacturers is that both units are highly customizable. In terms of position, the standard set includes an instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, while multimedia is positioned toward the center stack. However, you can easily change such a setup. For example, you can easily place navigation in front of you, so you don’t have to turn your head constantly to the center. Moreover, each screen can show all kinds of information, depending on your settings.

Such a dashboard design had its premiere with the Ariya concept. Still, we presume such a design solution will find the place in production models very soon, as it looks very promising.  

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