Nissan Extended Warranty – Do You Really Need It?

In the previous article, we covered all the aspects of the factory warranty, which comes in different tiers that include different aspects of the vehicle. We’ve also mentioned that one of the drawbacks of this warranty is its length, as Nissan is a little bit short compared to most rivals in these aspects.

Therefore, you are probably wondering now what happens when the factory warranty expires. Well, you have two choices here. One is to rely on Nissan’s reliability, while it to get an extended warranty.

Nissan Cars Maintenance and Service Schedules

What’s the Catch With Extended Warranty?

Things are pretty simple here. If you want extended coverage, you have to pay. After the standard factory warranty expires, you can subscribe to some of the offered programs, in order to prolong the protection of your vehicle. Generally, this extended warranty covers things like a 24-hour emergency, roadside assistance, car rental, transmission, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, suspension, steering, electrical, brakes, engine, air conditioning etc.

Still, keep in mind that the amount of parts that a certain plan covers directly depends on the amount of money you pay. Therefore, there are three basic plans that are in the offer in the Nissan Extended Warranty. Those would be Powertrain Preferred, Silver Preferred and Gold Preferred.

New Frontier Engine

Powertrain Preferred

As the name says, this warranty focuses on the powertrain department. More precisely, this plan covers more than 800 parts. Those are mostly parts of the engine and transmission, but also parts of the suspension, steering, fuel system, brakes and similar critical aspects of your vehicle.

Silver Preferred

This is a bit on an upgrade, compared to the basic Powertrain Preferred plan. Basically, it covers everything that the base plan covers, but also covers interior components, things like audio, navigation, power accessories and other electronics.

Gold Preferred

Finally, there is the Gold Preferred plan, which is the most expensive but also the best plan in the offer. It covers pretty much everything, except those parts and service that are part of regular maintenance. In practice, this means everything but things like tires, brake pads, spark plugs, oil changes, and similar things.

2020 Nissan Altima

Should I Get Nissan Extended Warranty?

This is a tricky question and it depends on a couple of factors. The first thing that comes to mind is that today’s cars aren’t as reliable as they used to be. Simply, the more advanced technologies and features, the bigger the chances of potential failures are. Therefore, getting one of these would be a smart move, especially if you’re making a lot of mileage. Simply, your car won’t get any younger. After all, here are the prices of some common repairs of Nissan car models.

  • Transmission replacement costs 1.800 dollars or more
  • Front-wheel bearing replacement costs 350 dollars or more
  • Water pump replacement costs 300 dollars or more
  • Brake master cylinder replacement costs 500 dollars or more
  • Steering rack costs replacement 1200 dollars or more
  • Door window motor costs replacement 300 dollars or more
  • Radiator replacement costs 600 dollars or more

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