Nissan e-4ORCE Review: Twin-Motor and Electric AWD System

The Japanese carmaker is about to change its position in the market of electric vehicles completely, thanks to a new advanced system called e-4orce. This is a brand new system from the company, which finally brings AWD layout to the world of Nissan electric cars. Actually, this system is much more than that. It is something that will completely change the perspective of looking at Nissan cars, as it makes everything more versatile. For example, this is a twin-motor system, which puts significantly more power compared to current models like Leaf.

Also, this is a pretty advanced AWD system, which will be able to deliver not just more traction, but to significantly improve the overall ride quality. At this point, we still don’t know the models where e-4ORCE will be installed, but it definitely has a lot of potentials to fill a complete lineup. Therefore, we will go through some of the key things about the Nissan e-4ORCE system.

Twin-Motor Design, Plenty of Power

First of all, it’s good to know that this is a system of two electric motors, which is ready to make every Nissan car a serious performer. Of course, each engine is mounted on one of the axles and the total output goes up to 304 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque, which is a significant boost compared to the system that can be found in models like Leaf. This is particularly notable in terms of torque, which ensures an impressively quick response from the go pedal.

Rear Motor Regenerative Braking

Those drivers that are familiar with regenerative braking know very well how it’s like with electric motors that are mounted at the front. The most typical thing about the front motor regenerative braking is that nosedive that starts once you lift the pedal. That’s not the case with the rear motor regenerative braking, where the nose remains in the pretty much same position.

Models With e-4ORCE Will Be Fun to Drive

At the presentation that has been held at CES2020, we realized that this system is ready to deliver some pretty sporty performances. The system was fitted to a typical Leaf model, which came with notable upgrades in terms of suspension etc. As a result, we saw a car that is capable of being fast at corners and also fun to drive.  Of course, there is still a lot of body roll, but things are much more fun compared to models like standard Leaf. Moreover, this event has shown that e-4ORCE has a lot of potentials to be used in future sports cars, as well as in luxury cars from Infiniti.

The tested Leaf looked very agile on the track, but we also saw a demonstration of capabilities on wet roads and non-ideal driving conditions. This is where the AWD system really shines, especially an intelligent AWD system like this one. Therefore, it’s not hard to presume that production models with this system will come with all kinds of drive modes and setup options and that drivers will be able to rely either on manual control or computer technology.

When to Expect First Applications?

The recent presentation has shown a lot of benefits that this system brings. However, the officials remained quiet when it comes to the application in production models. Of course, the first model that comes to mind is Leaf. Currently available in two output versions (both FWD), the new one could utilize this system and become a real hot hatch. Also, we can expect to see the system available in the upcoming Ariya crossover, which is expected to hit the market in the near future. We are eagerly waiting to hear more details about the new system.

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