Nissan Crossover Lineup – Size Comparison

Crossovers are the most popular vehicles on the market these days. Of course, the main reason lays in their impressive versatility and practicality. However, it’s hard to find a perfect measure sometimes. You want a great hauler, whit great volume and payload capacity but you also want something that is easy to maneuverable and easy to drive.

Nissan is one of the manufacturers with the widest crossover lineup. Besides typical size segments, there are also models that stand between typical classes of vehicles, which significantly increases the offer and attracts a wider range of buyers. Therefore, we will compare their sizes in this article, to make your choice easier.

Nissan Kicks

2020 Nissan Kicks

The entry-level model in Nissan’s lineup is a relatively fresh vehicle and it is a typical subcompact crossover. With 103.1 inches in wheelbase and 169.1 inches in overall length, you can’t expect some spectacular amount of interior space, legroom, cargo capacity etc. The crossover measures around 43.7 inches of legroom in the first row, which is pretty impressive for the class. Things aren’t that great in the second row, where you can count on 33.2 inches. When it comes to the cargo area, you may count on about 25 cubic feet behind the second row.

Nissan Rogue Sport

2020 Nissan Rogue Sport

The rebadged Qashqai came to North America three years ago and it is just a little bit longer compared to Kicks. With 104.2 inches in wheelbase, it sits between subcompact and compact crossovers. With three more inches in the overall lengths, you would normally expect a little bit more space on the inside. Interestingly, things are completely opposite in this case, as Rogue Sport offers less legroom in the first row (42.8 inches) and slightly more in the second (33.4). The cargo area is also smaller compared to the Kicks and measures around 20 cubic feet behind the second row.

All in all, the Rogue Sport seems less practical than Kicks. However, it is far superior in terms of driving experience, as it comes with a more powerful engine, better dynamics, better handling etc.

Nissan Rogue

2020 Nissan Rogue

The Rogue is a typical compact crossover. It measures around 106.5 inches between the axles and has 184.5 in the overall lengths. That size offers a perfect balance between practicality and maneuverability, so that may be the reason for its popularity. When it comes to interior dimensions, you may count on 43 inches in the first row, while the second one delivers nearly 38 inches, which are pretty respectable numbers. Also, 39.3 cubic feet make this crossover a pretty decent hauler as well.

Nissan Murano

2020 Nissan Murano

In the world of mid-size crossovers, Nissan has two models to offer. For those who don’t necessarily need a three-row family hauler but still want a powerful V6 engine and convenient ride, Murano seems like a perfect choice. With around 111 inches in wheelbase, it is a typical mid-size crossover. It comes with two rows of seats and both are quite comfortable. The first one is good for about 40.5 inches, while the second one offers 39 inches of legroom. This isn’t the most practical crossover around but still offers a pretty decent volume of 32 cubic feet behind the second row.

Nissan Pathfinder


Finally, there is the Pathfinder, which is a perfect 3-row family SUV. Plenty of space and large cargo volume make it super-practical, but this model also features a powerful V6 engine, which provides some of the highest towing capacities in the class. When it comes to numbers, it is good for about 114.2 inches in wheelbase, which promises a lot of space on the inside. When it comes to the legroom, the first two rows are pretty generous and offer 42.2 and 41.7 inches, respectively. The third row is also pretty decent and can accommodate adults in certain conditions as well, as it offers around 31 inches. When it comes to cargo capacity, you may count on 16.2 cubic feet behind the third and 47.4 cubic feet behind the second row. The total capacity goes around 80 cubic feet, which is a pretty respectable number for the class.

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