Infiniti Vision GT Prototype, Specs and Price

Gran Turismo is arguably one of the most amazing driving games around, not only because of excellent graphics and impressive driving simulation but also because of the amazing virtual concept cars we’ve seen through all these years. One of these models these concepts that draw a lot of attention comes under the badge of Nissan’s luxury division. Of course, we are talking about the Infiniti Vision GT, a virtual supercar characterized by a splendid silhouette. According to some reports, there is a big chance to see this car in the real world, in the form of the concept. Still, take this with a huge reserve.

Infiniti Vision GT Design

When it comes to base design characteristics, we can only presume that the Infiniti Vision GT prototype would heavily rely on the virtual model. In real life, this could be a great opportunity to show new technology achievements, which would be a great way to preview the next generation of models like the Nissan GT-R. This prototype would be a genuine supercar, with spectacular performances and F1-like handling.

Infiniti Vision GT front


Without any doubt, the most prominent details of Infiniti Vision GT is its styling. According to the latest reports, the Japanese manufacturer is willing to follow the styling cues of the virtual version closely. This would be great, considering how amazing this car looks on the screen. Of course, there are Infiniti’s trademark design solutions, particularly in terms of all those curvy lines. Somehow, this model also manages to deliver a lot of sharp shapes, particularly in terms of headlights, which look pretty narrow. On the other side, the front bumper is extremely curvaceous, with huge air intakes. Still, the most interesting thing is that the grille remains almost identical to the one that characterizes other models from the brand’s lineup.

Infiniti Vision GT side


Naturally, details about the interior are completely unavailable. We may only presume the most basic things. Therefore, count on a typical two-seater, which a cabin that delivers a lot of styles and latest tech features. It is hard to presume how the dashboard would look like, though we may presume that all those curves would be implemented inside as well, and fulfilled with lots of digital elements, including a huge touchscreen at the center stack.

Infiniti Vision GT Specs

This is probably the most interesting part of the Infiniti Vision GT prototype. According to some reports, we are about to see a hybrid configuration, just like in the video game. A large and powerful V8 engine would get additional power and torque from one or more electric motors. It is possible to see a completely new, turbocharged V8 engine under the hood. The power from this engine would be sent to rear wheels, while it remains unclear where the power from electric motors would go. Most of us would like to see an RWD layout, though many suggest that electric motor(s) would send power to front wheels, making this car a super-handling racing machine. Numbers are still unavailable but count on spectacular acceleration and 0-60 times around 2.5 seconds.

Infiniti Vision GT rear

Infiniti Vision GT Prototype Launch and Price

At this point, we still don’t have any kind of information about this supercar. According to some reports, the Japanese luxury carmaker could present this car as a concept already in the next year. Some sources suggest Infiniti Vision GT Prototype as well, though we don’t think this model will ever be in production. If that happens, we have no doubt that the Infiniti Vision GT would be pretty high, definitely over 100.000 dollars. More details should be known in the future, so take this article with a reserve.

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