Infiniti Sales Numbers Continue To Go Down

The Japanese luxury brand is in a great depression, it’s pretty much legal to say. After disappointing results in the last year, we’ve received a report for the Q1 of 2020, and numbers are even lower. As you’ve already read, 2019 was for a bout 20% weaker compared to 2018. If we compare the first quarters of 2019 and 2020, numbers continue to go down.

Between January and March last year, the luxury brand sold 34.315 vehicles. In the same period of this year, 25.558 models have been sold. In the world of statistics, that’s a 25.5 percent drop.

Sales Numbers By Model

If we look at the overall sales numbers, it’s not hard to conclude that most models are less popular than last year. Moreover, the only model that made progress this year is a compact crossover QX50, which has been sold in 4.170 units. That around 16.4 percent more than in the first three months of last year.

On the other side, the biggest disappointment is a subcompact QX30, with just 112 models sold, compared to 1.557 units sold from the last year. That’s a “magnificent” 92% drop. Fortunately for the brand, this model will be discontinued soon.

The model that marked the second-biggest drop is Q70. This was pretty much expected, considering that the large sedan will be discontinued soon. Only  115 units have been sold in the first quarter, compared to almost 1.000 in the last year.

The most popular model in the lineup, QX60, has also recorded a big drop, from 12.830 to 9.061, which is almost 30% worse compared to the first three months of 2019. A sporty coupe Q60 made a similar record, at least when it comes to percentage. In numbers, it went from 1.304 to 927. Its sedan sibling made a similar 32.5% drop, from 8,264 to 5,575.

Through all these years, the flagship QX80 seems like the only stable model in the lineup. We saw a small 3.3-percent drop compared to 2019 Q1. So, the actual numbers are almost the same, 5,598 in 2020 vs 5,789 in 2019.

2 Replies to “Infiniti Sales Numbers Continue To Go Down”

  1. Kevin M Porter says:

    No wonder Sales are way down – old models, especially the QX60. In addition, blunder with the QX50 – no v6 option and the 2.0T with CVT??? Cmon.

    1. Gralyn A Jacques Jr says:

      I agree with Kevin. That engine on the QX50 is horrible and bad on gas! Additionally, if you want people to buy your product standardize more powerful engines. I drive the Q50 (2017) and love it but because of how many miles I drive, I’m looking for an upgrade. Why is the 2021 the same inside and out? So you added some colorful stitching and maybe changed the look of the seats, but the infotainment system sucks and always has. And another thing….why would you discontinue the QX30??!!! Maybe your sales were down because of bad marketing!! The QX30 is a better option than the Mercedes version. The engine on the QX30 is perfect. When I purchased my Q50 in 2017, I also purchased a QX30 Sport for my spouse. I forget how fun it is to drive it.
      Infiniti… can do better.

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