Infiniti Lineup – What to Expect in the Future

If you look at Infiniti’s current lineup, it looks like Nissan’s luxury division is having a pretty hard time these days.  Due to poor sales and outdated design, the legendary Q70 and Q70L sedans have been discontinued and it looks like the company doesn’t have the intention to build a new version. Currently, there are just five models in the lineup. Not only that the company doesn’t cover all the segments, but many models also feature pretty outdated design. This particularly refers to the more important, SUV lineup, where you can find pretty old QX80 and definitely outdated QX60 mid-size crossover, though Q50 and Q60 sedan and coupe aren’t spring chickens either. Therefore, you may want how the future of this brand is going to look like.

More Crossovers, Less Sedans

The Japanese carmaker is completely adapting to the current situation on the market. Sedans don’t play a significant role in the automotive world anymore, it’s all about crossovers. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the Q70 has been discontinued recently, despite it is a direct successor of the M series and the first design even came under this badge.

Sedans are gone, now it’s time for crossovers. Still, there is one sedan left in the lineup, the Q50. The compact sedan still looks competitive, although it isn’t a spring chicken either, considering that it has been around for full six years. Most likely, it will remain in production for a couple of more years, but we won’t see a successor. The coupe version of this sedan, known as the Q60 should have the same faith.

On the other side, the crossover lineup will definitely expand. You probably know that the new QX55 is on the way. Infiniti follows the latest trends of the automotive industry and it will be the first Japanese manufacturer to offers a so-called coupe crossover.  The QX55 will be heavily based on the QX50, but it will come with a sloping roof and all other features that characterize this body style.

QX60 Redesign

The QX60 represents the brand in the segment of mid-size crossover. However, it is pretty outdated, considering that it has been around 2012. Therefore, we count on a complete redesign in the near future. Once again, it will have a lot of things in common with the Nissan Pathfinder. When it comes to the full-size QX80, it is also a pretty old model, which has been introduced in 2010. However, production cycles are longer for body-on-frame vehicles, so the current generation will certainly remain in production for a little bit more. We definitely expect to see a redesign of the SUV.


Another important aspect of Inifiniti’s future is electrification. Of course, the new Q and QX models are expected to get electrified versions, but we also count on dedicated all-electric models as well. The first one that comes to mind is the QX Inspiration concept, which has been presented a year ago. We expect that Infiniti will come up with an electric crossover in the near future, whether its about the production version of this concept, or something completely new.

Is There a Chance For Some Halo or Sports Car At Least?

This is another thing that bothers many car enthusiasts. While both Acura and Lexus have such models in their portfolio, we are still waiting to see some supercar or at least a sports car from Infiniti. Given Nissan’s pedigree in building sports cars, this is definitely something you would expect from Infiniti. New generations of the famous Z Car and GT-R are expected in the following years, so we may see something from Infiniti as well.

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