Ford Raptor Rival Might Come From Nissan!?

The Japanese full-size truck has received an update recently but it looks like that’s not all from the current generation. According to the latest reports, it looks like there is a big chance to see another interesting novelty in the near future, a hi-performance off-road model. Those reports are coming from renowned websites, including Motor1, so there’s a big chance to see them after all.

The Raptor has been an undisputed leader among pickup trucks when it comes to off-road performances. Several other rivals offer similar version, but there are still far away from the highly-capable off-roader that comes from the blue oval company. It looks like this could easily change in the near future.

2020 Nissan Titan Pro-4X

How the new version would look like?

It is still hard to talk about more precise details, but we can make some predictions at the moment. First of all, the company already introduced an updated version of the full-size truck. The new version came with nice visual updates, but also with more power and loads of new tech goodies. There is also a new Pro-4X trim, which is a kind of an off-road version, which comes with upgrades like all-terrain tires, Bilstein dampers and electronically locking rear differential. However, this is still far away from something we could consider a Raptor competition.

Therefore, rumors about the new version appeared. According to them, we would see further upgrades, including a completely new suspension setup, higher ground clearance, skid plates and other interesting novelties.

The powertrain is still a mystery. The recent update has brought a slight power boost, so the new Titan is good for full 400 horsepower. However, this still seems far away from Raptor’s 450 horses and 510 pound-feet of torque, so we might see further upgrades as well.

When to expect new Titan version?

Even if the new version arrives, it is still hard to say when it could say. Most reports suggest this won’t happen so soon. According to Tiago Castro, Nissan’s Director of North American Light Commercial Vehicle, the focus is currently on the Pro-4X, so we will probably have to wait for some more time, probably for a couple of more years.

2020 Pro-4X

2020 Update Has Brought a Lot of Novelties

Despite the new version won’t come so soon, a great thing about the Titan is that the recent update has brought a lot of interesting novelties. Of course, the first ones you will notice are those in terms of the styling, as there is a completely new face, with a new grille, LED headlights and other updates.

Also, there are some interesting novelties on the inside, especially when it comes to tech goodies. For example, the base model features an 8-inch touchscreen, which is the biggest you can get in the class of full-size pickup trucks when it comes to base models. Higher trims feature a bigger 9-inch unit and both screens come with things like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Nissan Titan Interior

As we already mentioned, the engine has received a small power boost, so a max output now goes up to 400 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque. Also, there is a new 9-speed automatic transmission, which replaces the 7-speed unit.

Another thing we already mentioned is the Pro-4X version, which is an off-road iteration of this pickup truck.

The base model starts at around 36.000 dollars.

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