Five Nissan Models That Desperately Need Updates

Nissan is one of the best-selling car brands around and there are several reasons for that. Of course, quality is one of the main reasons, but Nissan is also one of the rare brands that covers pretty much every segment of the automotive industry. In reality, that makes designers and engineers constantly busy, as there is always something that needs a redesign or update. If we look at today’s lineup, there are several models that desperately need updates. We present to you five Nissan models that should get a complete overhaul as soon as possible.

Nissan Rogue

2020 Nissan Rogue

The Rogue has been around since 2014, which doesn’t seem that long. However, we are talking about the most competitive segment in today’s automotive industry. When you have to compete is monsters like RAV4 or CR-V, frequent updates are a must. The current generation of this crossover still looks great from the inside. However, it isn’t the most fun crossover to drive, due to an underpowered engine and not so spectacular handling.

Fortunately, the redesign is on the way and we hope the company will fix all these drawbacks and make this model excellent once again.

Nissan Pathfinder


The Pathfinder has been around 2012. Despite we have seen a couple of updates so far, this is still an outdated car by today’s standard. Although the power and capability seem okay, the interior looks outdated, as well as the infotainment system and other tech goodies. Therefore, we hope for the soon redesign. The company is still quiet on this matter, but we expect it will happen in a year or two.

Nissan Frontier


The Frontier is by far the oldest pickup truck on the market. With a 15-year-old design, it definitely can’t compete with modern rivals, either in terms of performances, nor efficiency. Moreover, the ride quality is pretty rough, while the interior belongs to some previous era of the automotive industry.

Fortunately, things will change soon. According to the latest reports, the all-new Frontier will be ready for the next year. We count on significant improvements in all aspects and the new model should have a lot of things in common with the internationally-sold Navara.

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-R

When we talk about supercars, a 12-year-old design doesn’t seem competitive. However, constant updates still keep this model in the top tier of performance cars. The current model is still one of the best performers on the market. However, it is hard to remain competitive with the interior that hasn’t significantly changed for more than a decade. Even the styling seems to get old, despite the GT-R featured one of the most iconic looks at the time it was released.

According to the latest reports, the current model will remain in production for several more years. Some sources suggest that the next-generation could arrive in 2023/2024. We are eagerly waiting to see if Nissan is capable of making a legendary supercar once again.

Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z

Although of a similar age as its bigger brother GT-R, the 370Z didn’t have the luck to get some bigger updates during a decade-old production. Therefore, it’s no wonder this is the least competitive of all Nissan models. Practically, rivals are better in pretty much every aspect, starting from performances, interior quality, styling, cargo space etc. Probably the only aspect that this model stands good is the infotainment system, which is pretty easy to use.

Therefore, the soon as possible overhaul is a must. According to many sources, the 400Z is on the way. The next generation will come with significant improvements, including a twin-turbo V6 engine. However, we still don’t know when this model is about to come. We hope it will be soon.

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