2020 Nissan 400Z Is Coming Next Year

Nissan’s lineup does consist of two legendary sport car nameplates but the fact is that both of them are old and well behind their prime. Therefore, we are all eagerly waiting to see some novelties. The first one to get an overhaul will be the Z Car. The iconic nameplate has a half-century-long history behind itself and it is definitely one of the most amazing small sports cars we’ve ever seen in the automotive industry. The current generation has been around for about a decade. Therefore, it seems natural to see a complete redesign in the near future. If we can rely on the latest reports, that could happen already in the next year, when we are about to see a model called 2020 Nissan 400Z.

This nomenclature makes perfect sense, although it won’t be in correlation with the engine size, as it was the case with some previous models.

2020 Nissan 400Z Redesign

The redesign of a fantastic car like this one definitely requires a lot of effort. That’s why we are actually waiting for so long. You probably know that Nissan co-operates with Mercedes-Benz for a quite long time. Therefore, many reports were suggesting a joint venture, where the new 2020 Nissan 400Z would be developed along with the next-generation SLC. However, it looks like Nissan gave up from this idea and wants to build the new model on its own. It may take a little bit more time, but the legendary sports car will remain authentic.

Platform and Size

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the platform. While there is still no official reports about the architecture, we are pretty sure it will be the same one that Nissan uses for the Infiniti Q60. The luxurious coupe has been redesigned a couple of years ago and now features a significantly updated FM platform, the one that originally dates from the previous-generation, Infiniti G Coupe.

However, the biggest issue with this platform is the size. The Q60 is a quite large vehicle, notably bigger than the current 370Z. It is extremely hard to imagine the new Z Car with an additional 12 inches in wheelbase and almost 20 inches in overall length. Therefore, we have no doubt that Nissan engineers will make a lot of modifications on the platform and make it much shorter, probably similar to the current, 100-inch wheelbase.

Styling and Interior

Of course, aesthetic will play a very important role in this redesign. So far, Nissan didn’t have too many fails with this model. Most versions featured impressive designs for the time and some of them became real classics. Therefore, we have no doubt that the 2020 Nissan 400Z will look very attractive as well. At this point, we can’t talk too much about details, but we may presume some of the most general things.

First of all, we do not doubt that the new model will continue in the same coupe layout. As we already mentioned, it should keep a similar size and the same thing goes for the overall shape. On the other side, we expect that Nissan will implement the latest design language on it. Naturally, this means the implementation of the famous V-Motion styling philosophy, though we are pretty sure that the new model will come with a bunch of unique details as well.

When it comes to interior design, the current model shows its age. Most materials feature below-average quality for the class, while the dashboard design isn’t particularly attractive either. Finally, the current model misses some of the hi-tech essentials. All this seems natural, considering the age of the current generation.

Therefore, expectations for the new model are very big. The overall layout will remain the same, but we count on a full load of novelties in all aspects. Of course, we expect better interior quality, as well as lots of latest tech goodies, in terms of both infotainment technology and advanced driver aids and safety systems.

2020 Nissan 400Z Engine

Finally, we came to the most interesting part of this preview, the engine. As we already mentioned, the new name won’t be in a direct correlation with the engine size. The new engine won’t be bigger, but rather smaller compared to the current 3.7-liter unit. We count on the company’s newer 3.0-liter twin-turbo, the same one that powers the Q60. Unfortunately, the era of naturally-aspirated sports cars is behind us. Still, twin turbochargers will definitely have a highly positive impact on efficiency.

Therefore, the base version will feature around 405 horsepower, which sounds pretty impressive for a small sports car like this. Of course, we count on the Nismo version as well. At this point, details are unknown, but some reliable sources suggest this version would be good for full 500 horsepower, which promises spectacular performances.

We could also see a hybrid version in the near future, probably with the same system that powers the Q60, with some upgrades, of course. Also, various reports are suggesting that base versions could easily come with a four-cylinder engine. A 2.0-liter turbo-four from Mercedes-Benz seems like a logical choice.

2020 Nissan 400Z Release Date

At this point, the new 2020 Nissan 400Z still waits for the official confirmation. However, our reliable sources claim that the new generation will come already in the next year.

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